Coffee Bean Tree

Specialty Coffee Like You've Never Tasted

You haven't had a cup of coffee until you've tried one of White Wagon Coffee's specialty blends. Our roasted coffee beans are always shipped fresh, meaning your coffee will be full of flavor when it arrives. Contact us today to inquire about purchasing our specialty coffee blends.

Gasoline Blend

This coffee is not for the faint of heart! It's wonderfully tasty and packs a punch! If you're looking for a coffee that gives you an energy boost when you need it most, this caffeine-rich blend is the perfect option. Wake up to a cup of Gasoline Blend today.

Western Hemisphere Blend

Discover the deep flavors of South American, Central American, and Caribbean island coffees. This sweet and balanced blend is a fusion of beans that is wonderfully easy to drink. Many customers enjoy a cup every day and comment that it's the ideal coffee to accompany their breakfast.

African Blend

Enjoy the complex tastes and aromas of this coffee imported from Africa. We always select a high-quality coffee bean from Ethiopia and blend it with an additional coffee from the same region, including Rwanda, Kenya, or other locations in Ethiopia. Be sure to check the individual bag for specific details about the origin of the beans.

Coffee lovers can't get enough of our African Blend's lightness and sweetness. This is the perfect coffee for those who enjoy a prevalent fruity taste when they first take a sip. Many people choose to enjoy it with their dessert!

Coffee Bag

Cold Brew

Stay tuned as we perfect our Cold Brew Blend. This blend will be made with an incredible 50/50 mixture of beans from Nicaragua and the Guji region in Ethiopia. 

High-Quality Coffee

Properly roasting coffee not only provides the best flavor, but it also locks in all of coffee's naturally beneficial compounds. Here at White Wagon Coffee, we've worked hard to refine our brewing process, evidenced by the superior taste and benefits of our beans.

Our coffee is high in caffeine—people comment that the zing knocks them off their feet! Additionally, our coffee is rich in antioxidants. We always roast and ship our beans within two weeks to ensure it stays fresh, flavorful, and full of those healthy antioxidants.

We also ensure that we get the CO2 levels balanced. If you let coffee de-gas with too much carbon dioxide, it ends up tasting stale and bitter. Under our watchful eye, our beans are always roasted to perfection.